Concrete floor coating options

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In recent years, the amount of things you can do with concrete floors has exploded. There are so many different options for concrete floors sometimes you don’t know where to start. Should you go with a concrete stain? If so, what’s the difference between concrete dye and concrete stains? Or many you should choose an epoxy for your concrete floors? If you do, should you go with an epoxy paint or an epoxy coating… and what’s the difference anyway?

With the developments in technology, even a normal grey concrete floors can come alive. We have different guides on our site for the best garage coatings but we break down everything you can do with concrete in this article from different staining options, epoxy floor coatings and even tiles and different floor shields if you don’t want to go with traditional carpet, vinyl, or hardwood flooring.

Epoxy Garage bare concrete

Benefits of concrete flooring

Before we discuss the many flooring finishing alternatives available, we will look at the main benefits.

There are a few reasons why many homeowners think it best to use such a floor in their homes. The first is because there is a wide range of finishing alternatives available. The other two essential benefits of using concrete flooring are,

Durability-Concrete is resilient and can withstand pressure from many things, including high heels, furniture legs, and more.

Low maintenance-Despite the fact that some finishing options will require occasional waxing or sealants, concrete flooring on its own is deficient maintenance. These floors are incredibly resistant to moisture and chemicals and thus make cleaning the floor an easy task.

Concrete floors can be used throughout the home. They are best for living areas, garages, and basements.

Top concrete finishing options.

Below is a list of some popular concrete floor finishing options.

epoxy Concrete paint

Top concrete finishing options.

Below is a list of some popular concrete floor finishing options.

Acid stains

For a concrete stain, it gives off a very bold look to the floor. It is quite recognizable by its mottled appearance and highly variegated finish. Once it reacts with your floor, the color becomes quite durable and will not fade peel or chip. Acid stains will offer an array of vibrant tones, such as blue-green colors, browns, and tans. However, the color produced by an acid-based stain will vary depending on the color and condition of the substrate it is applied to.

concrete finishing

Water-based stain

If you intend to look beyond The subtle color palette of an acid stain to the full spectrum of hues, this stain is the way to go. These stains tend to be a bit less vibrant. However, there are dozens of colors that you can choose from, including metallic tints. These stains are low in volatile organic compounds and are safer to use and apply. It should be noted that a different chain reaction occurs during its application, and this makes the final color fairly consistent throughout.

Water stain

Fast stain

This is fast-drying and eco-friendly. It offers a flecked appearance and, similar to the acid stain, a highly variegated finish. The fast stain is a great option for polished concrete and can be used on its own or in conjunction with an acid or water-based stain.

Acrylic sealer

Acrylic sealers will provide a thin protective film on the surface of a concrete floor. This option comes in an array of sheens and will provide good protection against moisture. It also provides a very uniform coat in color. It’s relatively hard with a slight flexibility and an amazing matte finish. If you are dealing with a dowdy looking concrete floor, are on a limited budget, the floor sealer will be an affordable option that should be enough to make a difference. The concrete sealer itself will ward off future stains, offer a slight sheen, and make your floors look more stylish and a little bit fresher.

You will be required to choose between water and a solvent-based sealer. The solvent-based will offer the best protection and will last longer. The former will release fuel chemicals into the air, which is worth considering if the concrete space you’re working on is not well ventilated. The concrete sealer is an affordable DIY(easy to apply) option. However, there are a few cons to bear in mind. The resulting floor can be slippery, a disadvantage to your garage floors, and a poor choice of garage flooring options. The floor will also need to be resealed every few years as it is not a long-term solution. Concrete sealers should set you back a cost of 0.1 $5 to 0.25 dollars per square foot of the floor. This is also a job that will offer you no hidden expenses.

The manufacturer will warrant the quality of the product upon installation. It is, however, unlikely to be accompanied by any further warranty. A concrete sealer will not revolutionize your concrete garage. However, if you have issues with your floors you do not have the budget to deal with them, this will be a preferred option. It should be noted that this type of finish wears faster than some other coating options. You may need to pair the finish with regular waxing prevents marks on your home surface.

Acrylic sealer

Concrete floor paints

If your main concern with your garage floor is the aesthetic bit rather than any actual damage, the concrete floor paint is among quick and affordable floor options that will give your garage flooring a dramatic facelift. You will be required to prepare your garage floor before applying the floor paint, naturally, which means cleaning and filling up any cracks if any deep oil stains won’t come up completely. Garage floor paint can cover them up. The painting itself should be a DIY job on your garage flooring, and all you will need is a paint roller and the right kind of paint. You will need to choose between oil-based and latex paint. It is easier to apply latex floor paint as it is efficient to use it out of the can. It also dries with a matte low-sheen coat. Oil-based paint will give you a high gloss finish, but you will need to use a primer coat. The resulting floor coating will be stronger than what you will get with latex. Whichever option you decide to go with, ensure to pick an alternative that offers a non-slip coat.

Concrete floor paint is a simple and affordable way to give your garage floor an easy facelift. However, it won’t last. Paint is naturally susceptible to salts, solvents, and other caustic materials. You should expect to have to retouch your painted space every one to three years. This paint’s cost is between 0.15 dollars to 2 dollars per one square foot, depending on the type you go for. A simple generic color will be much cheaper than a high gloss metallic coat. However, the floor paint’s beauty is that you have many options to choose from, and that’s something for every taste and budget.


There are two different types of epoxy. Epoxy paint and epoxy coatings that are 100% solids epoxy. The level of durability and application process varies greatly based on which type you choose. For more information, you can reference our epoxy paint vs epoxy coating guide. If you search for the most durable coating for your floor, look at epoxy. Similar to paint, it comes in different colors and style options. Some of these are high shine or matte, and this makes it an attractive and practical solution. Epoxy is generally applied like paint. It, however, works quite differently and therefore delivers varying results. As the paint hardens through the process of evaporation of its solvent, epoxy coatings usually harden when a chemical reaction between a resin and hardener takes place. This results in a long-lasting and durable coating.

Two types of epoxies are available for coating garage floors.

Two-part epoxy with 100% solids

This is the best quality of epoxy floor coatings as it does not contain any solvents. This ensures a heavy-duty, more durable, and thicker coat. It also dries quickly with a high-sheen finish within a day. The chemicals used are much stronger than in the other varieties, so make sure that you have good ventilation. This is the most expensive epoxy available.


Ready to explore these options?

Whatever finishing option you prefer to go with, your concrete floors’ long-term and high-quality appearance will be dependent on proper surface preparation. You can sign up with your email address to get tips on popular DIY floor installation sites or go-ahead and contact us.

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